April 2017

April 24, 2017:

Up early, then off to run a bunch of last minute errands including a stop at Harbor Freight for some storage solutions, we found a cargo net and adjustable tool that would help us keep things from moving around in the RV.  Dropped off all the cable boxes at Spectrum, and a quick trip to Quartz Hill Water District to update our mailing address – what’s great both utilities have a credit.

One last check of the back garage to make sure that the power washing was sufficient, then it was ok what still needs to be done inside? By 2 pm we had basically thrown everything needing to go in the RV in the RV – very little was where it belonged, but hey it was in the RV.   Brian decided to fill the RV water tank – we found out 40 gallons fills quickly, and YES it is possible to overfill the water tank??  Say what?   We got a shower and by 2 pm we were on the road to Sacramento, CA.    My parents live in Sacramento – did I mention we’d gotten a call on Friday the 22nd that my dad was in the hospital?  Needless to say it was a crazy last weekend.  My husband drove the RV and I drove the Subaru and we arrived in Sacramento at around 9 pm.  My dad was now home from the hospital, glad to be home, but still not 100%.

Did I mention that the house has been on the market during all this craziness since March?   Crazy – we learned our lesson, it was not the right thing to do, as a REALTOR, I know better, all I wanted was to get the house sold, hopefully before we moved, that hasn’t happened yet.   Since we left, it’s been shown several times I hope someone likes what they see now that the house is cleaned and ready for a buyer, and most of the yard work has been completed.

April 25, 2017:

This is re-packing and storage finding day.   My husband spent a lot of time taking things apart, opening up storage options, and making room for all the items just thrown into the RV.  After a lot of finagling, and finding a storage area I really did not think existed about 90% of everything has a new home.  The RV is now ready for travel, more finagling to occur later.

We spent a great day with my parents, and showed my dad all the fun stuff on my Subaru since he’s going to car-sit for us while we are gone.  He promises that the car will be driven once a week – gives new meaning to “it was driven by a little old lady to church once a week”.

April 26, 2017:

Day one of traveling in the RV – no reservations, just go.

We left Sacramento by 10 am going East on the I-80, up thru the Sierra’s across Donner Summit and thru Reno, NV.

We needed to make a quick stop at a K-Mart and found one in Sparks, NV (just outside of Reno).  I had some items to return and my husband really likes their Smart Sense Half and Half – ½ ice tea & ½ lemonade.  So we stocked up.

We had decided that based upon the several options of getting to Provo we’d make day one our first make it unusual driving day.  I-80 is well traveled, but there is also the I-50 aka America’s Loneliest Road.  We thought it would be fun to stay in Ely, NV.    This road comes by its name honestly.

We stayed in Ely NV at Prospector Gambling Hall and RV Park.   They had a restaurant inside and so dinner and breakfast were at the restaurant on the property.  We did not cook in the RV or shower yet here.

We broke our first item in the RV tonite – it was really windy, and when I opened the door to let my husband in the door was pulled out of my hand and the screen door hinge broke.

April 27, 2017:

We were off and running by 10 am from Ely, NV to Provo, UT.   There are only a few towns between Ely and Delta, UT.



We entered Utah and were reminded by our phones – time change, we lost an hour.  We have a lot of people/places to visit while we are in the Provo area so we decided that a rental car would be in order for the next few days.

My husband dropped me off at Provo Airport – oh boy.   Turns out that they only provide rentals to passengers with reservations arriving at the airport by plane – there were 4 rental desks, and when I arrived one was occupied.  NO CARS available – fortunately the RV park was not too far away and Uber to the rescue.    Brian took the RV to the park and got us checked in, and I caught up to him later.

Tonite was the nite to figure out how to use the RV properly – or at least better.  I pulled out the Minnie Winnie manual and found out how to turn on the Hot Water Heater – needed to wash dishes, but also we wanted to possibly take a shower.   I cooked dinner in the Instant Pot – we’ll need to figure out how to use the stove/oven next.   When figuring out the hot water heater, we found the water pump switch as well, so realized that we probably needed that to keep the water running thru the RV.

It was cold this evening so use of the heater was also necessary – it quickly warmed up the unit, but interestingly enough, only the front part, not the sleeping area – will have to check in on that.  The unit got cold quickly after that as well – going to have to look into that as well.

COLD COLD COLD – 2 heavy blankets, and then a 3rd later in the evening – it was cold Thursday nite.

April 28, 2017:

Watching the local news this morning – SNOW north of here, and I think since we are camped close to the lake at Lakeside RV Campground in Provo, UT, near the Utah Lake, we won’t get any, but we should get some rain.  (Turns out we did see snow flurries periodically throut the day.)

Today our niece Rachael Andrade graduates from BYU Provo as a Certified Athletic Trainer (BS in Life Sciences).   In preparation for the ceremonies we had a fun family lunch at Pizza Pie Café in Provo, UT.  Tamara’s sister Mary Andrade and her husband Frank were there along with Racheal’s husband Jacob and his parents and grandparents.  It was a fun afternoon, lots of food and laughter.  Then it was off to the Warner Center on BYU campus for the graduation ceremonies – 900 + graduates later, it was time to take photos with our grad, and enjoy more time together.


Rachael took us to the restaurant Costa Vida in Provo – it’s attached to the bowling alley, but the food was fresh, and very tasty.  More visiting – then it was time to break it up for the evening and back to the RV park for some sleep.

(House update:  We got word today (see photos) that the backyard had been graded and cleaned up, and the yard was finally one level.  One more thing completed, house is READY for the right buyer.)

April 29, 2017:

Today is visiting day – we decided to get McDonald’s as we drove to our first destination today – West Valley, UT.  We visited with our nephew-in-law Gabe and his wife Heather and their new baby Annelise, took them some gifts from grandma and grandpa Macy and Tamara got to hold the baby for a while.

Then it was off to Springville for lunch with longtime friends Carlyle and Karylee Workman – we had a great lunch at Strap Tank Brewing Company – such a fun time catching up and enjoying old friends.

Then back to the RV to do some more housekeeping items – got the black/grey line hooked up, so now the tank just empties into the allotted hole in the ground.

Now it’s time for some more old friends – David Brown and his family.   Approx 12 years ago David was a missionary in the Quartz Hill Ward in Quartz Hill, CA.  He served almost 12 months in the ward and we became friends.   They’ve visited us and now that they are living in Orem while David is going to Law School at BYU.  David’s wife Kecia is a school teacher, and they have 4 children.  Each has their own personality – we had dinner then it was time for games and socializing.  We had a fabulous time, and really appreciated their hospitality.

April 30, 2017:

Sunday – a day of rest, right?   Could not find the matches so it was breakfast in the Instant Pot before church.  We attended the Lakeside 2nd Ward – Provo West Stake and it was their Fast Sunday – they have Stake Conference next week.

After church it was time to do some relaxing – right?  Nope time to really get better organized.   Everything in the storage area was reviewed, rearranged, better fit, more items in it and we FOUND the matches.   Dinner is cooking in the crockpot waiting for our guests – Rachael & Jacob Knudson.

Dinner was great – but game night after was even better.  We had a great time playing Sequence and Telestrations. Some of us don’t draw well – but it was a blast.

Our time in Provo is coming to an end – we didn’t do the sightseeing thing this trip, but we had great visits with everyone we took the time to see.

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