Preparing to Move

Preparing to move SUCKS.  Just Saying.

We have a unique set of circumstances ~ my husband moved into his home in Nov 1997 and I joined him in Jan 1998.    When we moved in together our children were bot 8 getting ready to turn 9 in 1998.   The house is a 3 BD 2 BA approx. 1500 sf on almost ½ acre with an attached 2 car garage and detached 3 car garage located at the rear of the property.

Since about 2001 we’ve been in the process of remodeling our 1970’s era home into a more modern feel.   New floors thruout, paint, scraped the ceilings, remodeled 2 bathrooms and the kitchen.   My husband enjoys working on cars, and has a heart of gold.  He had 2 friends who needed to have 3 cars stored “temporarily” until such time as they had another place of their own to move the cars.   That’s 2 Camaro’s and a Corvair. In Jan 2017 we notified the owner’s that we were moving in March 2017 – we didn’t actually get to the point of moving until April 2017.   The cars continued to hang out – no movement.   Now I will admit part of this was our problem – in the driveway blocking the backyard from the front yard were 2 non-opp vehichles of our own.   One was a Metropolitan with no engine that in the beginning was moving with us, and would have to go into storage – that ended up changing, but it was a vehicle blocking the driveway.


Corvair (1).jpg


Metropolitan (1).jpg

The second vehicle was a huge (IMHO) Oldsmobile – this vehicle had been previously gifted by my husband to his son’s ½ brother, Matt.    Since January Matt had been coming over 1-2 times per week to work on getting the car together enough to get it driven off the property and to his home.  Well – this was a process not really going very well – for whatever reason the engine was frozen and no matter what they did the engine would NOT turn over.   Eventually in April in desperation a tow truck was required to get it moved off the property.

Oldsmobile (1).jpg

In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s there had been some heavy flooding in the Quartz Hill / Antelope Valley and our backyard was a victim of several new layers of silt/dirt which in turn raised our backyard almost a foot.   This caused issues with the vehicles parked in the backyard – they are now buried up to their bottoms or pretty high on the tires in dirt/silt, making it near impossible to move them from the yard to the driveway.   We were fortunate that our neighbor across the way was having some rear yard work done, and a new driveway poured – he had found a local gentleman Harold with Hak-Away Hauling who had a large heavy duty tractor and a really great personality.  We entered into a contract with him wherein he would take another car parked in our yard – a Dodge Shadow, all the misc engines, scrap metal and oh yes the Metropolitan in trade as part of his payment to dig out the backyard.  He was kind enough to come over and help us get my husband’s El Camino out of the back garage and get it pulled to the driveway and loosened up the Camaro’s to make them easier to move out.

As you can see – we had a few vehicles needing relocation.   Much of this, was just a really frustrating saga that made me think we were never leaving.   There was more – but it seemed that no matter how much we got done, there was always more to be done.

Eventually at the 11th hour the Camaro’s were picked up by the owner, the Metropolitan was sold, the El Camino was moved to the front of the house and put on a trailer and moved to Oregon, the Corvair made it to the front of the house where it could eventually be moved, and my husband’s pickup was gifted to his son.    NOW we had to deal with the detached garage and finish loading the new RV, and oh yes 3 trips to Oregon in a used U-Haul my husband and purchased to accommodate the multiple trips that actually became 5 moving trips to get our personal belongings moved to Oregon (3 trips) an El Camino moved to Oregon and a quick trip to move our son in San Diego from his apartment to a new rental situation.

Moving Truck (1).jpg

Our niece Rachael is set to graduate from college – BYU Provo – on Friday April 28, 2017.   We made this our target destination, then backed out how much time we needed in order to get to Provo, UT.   It seemed daily there was that 1 more project that needed to be completed before we could move – but we were determined to be on the road one way or another on Monday April 24.   On Sunday April 23rd we were power washing the back garage – it was finished, we finalized the front garage, and we made a location in the front garage for the “rest” of the items still needing to go in the RV.  That pile became much higher than it seemed inside when it was spread across several locations.


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